Monday, December 8, 2008

Creating an Eco-Friendly Room in Your Home

We live in an age of global warming and worry about green house gases. Now, more than ever, people are going 'green' and attempting to improve our environment. Home d├ęcor is also going green, and if you are one of the many that wish to take a conservational attitude one step further, you may wish to create an eco-friendly space in your home.
Many people do not realize that there are now lines of eco-friendly paint. Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint does not include the solvents that other paints have. The VOC solvents in paint are what have been proven as a cause in the diminution of our ozone layer. Not only environmentally toxic, VOC paints have a harsh odor that fills up your home as you use them. Zero VOC paint comes in a limited amount of colors that emphasize earth friendly tones. Choose a muted 'earth' color if you favor taupe or 'air' colors if blues are a favorite.
Bringing your floor up to eco-friendly speed is easy with a sea grass area rug. This super durable rug is all natural and not created with some of the same harsh chemicals of other flooring. Tan in color, sea grass area rugs can have a cotton border in a contrasting taupe color and are usually backed with latex foam to avoid movement on the floor. Although they aren't your softest area rug, they are resistant to stains and easy to clean. Sea grass rugs are also great for those with allergies, as they woven tightly and don't retain dander.
Lately it's hard to turn on a TV and not hear about 'environmentally-friendly' fabrics. Materials such as hemp, wool, organic cotton, and certain types of silk are all the rage and easy to incorporate into your room. A quick way to utilize organic cotton is to purchase enough to make slipcovers for your throw pillows. If the cotton is not quite the right color? Try tea staining. Boil tea bags or leaves and place the cotton in the pot. Remove after 10 minutes and you will have a lovely shade that was obtained naturally without chemicals. Contrast your throw pillows with silk drapes and you will have a stunning effect in your space.
Purchasing accessories for the room is generally where you break the bank, right? Not true. Saving a metal bucket from the garbage dump and turning it into a vase is as simple as cleaning it up and adding some eye-catching raffia or jute as a decorative ribbon. Previously loved books can be stacked artfully or used as bookends. Take someone's previously loved cast offs and transform them into treasure. Not only will you save them from a landfill, but also will be giving your home some simple pieces that can be stunning.
One of the most important keys to an eco-friendly room? Fill your space with plants. Live plants provide oxygen to your environment, and can filter the area of toxins. Plants can make a room seem cozy, and they are pleasing to look at. Investing in live plants can be an inexpensive way to complete your room.
Whether you are just beginning to become environmentally aware or are a long time promoter of recycling, creating a room in your home that promotes this life style is as simple as focusing on natural materials. You will enjoy your room for years to come, and feel happy knowing that you didn't contribute to further waste in a landfill.
Sarah Crosset has worked in the interior decorating field for many years and loves to share her home decorating experiences and ideas with home owners everywhere. Her number one tip is to []buy area rugs; as they will instantly freshen a room. Try some cotton area rugs from for a fresh, clean look.
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