Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feng Shui - Using the Five Elements

One of the ways to achieve more balance in your environment is through using the Chinese Five Element Theory. The elements represent the different types of energy present in our world.
Since human beings are made up of a combination of all the five elements, you'll feel better when there is a good balance of all these elements throughout your home and office.
Each element has its own distinctive characteristics. Below you'll find a short description of the elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. To help energize your space you can incorporate furniture and accessories that contain each of these elements in every room of your home or business.
For instance, in your family room you can have a wood coffee table (wood), a red couch (fire), a metal picture frame (metal), a mirror (water), and artwork of an earthy landscape scene (earth). I'm sure you get the idea now.
WOOD- The color green- Wood furniture and accessories- Wood paneling or floors- Art depicting flowers, gardens, trees- The columnar shape; i.e. pedestals, stripes, columns- All plants and flowers including silk and plastic.
FIRE- The color red- All lighting including candles- Pets - Art depicting animals, people, sunrises and sunsets.- Triangular shaped objects
EARTH- The color yellow and earth tones- Ceramic objects- Brick or tile- Square and rectangular shaped objects- Art depicting earthy landscapes such as the desert
METAL- The colors of silver, grey or gold- All metal objects- All rocks and stones such as marble and granite- Natural crystals, rock, gemstones- Metal or stone sculptures
WATER- Colors of dark blues and black- Anything reflective such as mirrors, glass, cut crystal- Free flowing objects and asymmetrical shapes- Water features - fountains, fish tanks, lakes, streams, rivers, canals
Here's an exercise for you to do. Choose one room in your home or office where one element dominates. Then take some of those objects out of this room and add some objects that represent the other four elements into your space. Notice how you feel in the room. By mixing the five elements just right, you'll have an environment that feels great.
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